Lauren Scrivener
I have been having Personal Training session with Rob for about the last three months and it's been one of the best decisions I've made. I wasn't overweight, more I felt like I was carrying a few extra kilos. So I followed Robs advice change some of my eating habits, showed up to my weekly sessions and did the programme Rob put together for me at home. I now have more energy, my clothes feel better on and I feel like the real me. I can't recommend Rob highly enough. I'm hooked. Rob makes sure that at every session you push yourself 110% and by doing that you truly see the results. Sign up now, it will be one of the best decision your have made for your health and well being.
Adrian Messenger
Rob has changed the way I approach exercise either when visiting the gym or having a one-on-one session. Rob worked out an exercise programme & diet plan which suited my needs to ensure I gained maximum benefit from each session. Rob will explain in detail what he intends to achieve each session & will discuss diet plans to complement your exercise routine. He is sincere, very enthusiastic & passionate about his work and has made exercise more fun and enjoyable for me and not a 'chore'
Mel Nobles
I've been having PT sessions with Rob for over 2 years now. Beforehand I had barely done any exercise since school (exercise was not my favourite thing to do!) So the fact I've been going for this long shows you he must be doing something right!

Rob's a friendly yet professional guy. He asks you your aims when you first visit him and plans your sessions on that. My aim was to tone up. I have noticed a difference in my body from having PT sessions which has given me more confidence.

His gym is very well equipped and summertime is fun when we go outside to workout and enjoy the sun!
Pete Legg
When I first met Rob around 3 years ago, I weighed 96kg and was unable to walk up a slope because of my emphysema. Due in part to his enthusiasm, I have lost around 20kg and at my last check up was told that I had lungs of a 43 year old (I was 60). If unfit, or wanting to improve your fitness, Rob is your man. I travel from Ferndown to Pimperne for my PT session once a week because he is so good. I recommend him 100%